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Business News

This young woman wants to open a Croydon coffee shop unlike any other

Jenna Spence wants to create a venue that combines Croydon’s best local food with space where talented artists and musicians will go to hone their talents.

Sep 17, 2018 0 comments

A Croydon Greggs has reopened after a refurbishment – don’t worry it still sells steak bakes

The High Street branch was closed for a week while work was carried out.

Sep 17, 2018 0 comments

Tenant deposit schemes and what every landlord needs to know

Your guide to how they work and what happens if you don’t follow the rules when it comes to renting out a property.

Sep 11, 2018 0 comments

Renting in Croydon: Do landlords need to worry about GDPR?

If you’re a landlord these are the GDPR rules you need to know about.

Sep 10, 2018 0 comments

West Norwood café’s Full English breakfast ranked by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top 500 food experiences

The Electric Cafe has been ranked in the Lonely Planet’s top 500 global food experiences.

Sep 07, 2018 0 comments