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This is what you can buy from Krept and Konan’s new restaurant Crepes and Cones

This is what you can buy from Krept and Konan’s new restaurant Crepes and Cones
May 15, 2018 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 14/05/2018.

This is what you can buy from Krept and Konan’s new restaurant Crepes and Cones

From a £99 sharing cocktail to deep-fried Oreos – here’s what you can buy at the Croydon restaurant.

Grime duo Krept and Konan opened their new restaurant Crepes and Cones at the weekend and there is a huge menu of treats to choose from – from a £99 sharing cocktail to deep fried Oreos.

The rappers, who were born and raised in Thornton Heath and Gipsy Hill, opened their restaurant on South End, South Croydon, on Saturday (May 12).

Hundreds of people queued along the road for hours to go inside the new restaurant, with reports on social media suggesting the eatery was so popular there were food shortages.

Described by the duo, real names Casyo Johnson and Karl Wilson, as “not your average desert restaurant”, Crepes and Cones sells a range of food including crepes, waffles, grilled food, chicken, burgers, ribs and hot dogs.

It also offers cocktails, mocktails, slushes, and milkshakes, and even boasts its own private room which is available to hire.

Some of the dishes on the menu are in tribute to Jamaican reggae singer and Konan’s dad Delroy Wilson.

With the food and drink already proving to be hit with diners, it’s clear the restaurant has a bright future ahead.

But what is actually on the menu? We list a few of the items which are available to buy at Crepes and Cones.


Delroy’s Island Wings – 4 for £4.50 or 10 for £8.50

Popcorn Shrimp – £6

Mac & Cheese Sticks – £5.50

Honey Buttermilk Chicken Strips – £6

Plantain Balls – £5

Garlic Bread – £5

Garlic Bread with Cheese – £5.50

Chicken & Avacado Salad – £6.50


*All served with fries or house rice

Delroy’s Island chicken – ¼ for £8.50 or ½ for £11.50

Delroy’s Island Wings – £10

Beef Hotdog – £8

Vegan Hotdog – £9

Sticky Beef Ribs – £13.95

Honey Hennessey Prawns – £8

Chicken and Waffles – £8.50

Vegan Festival – £10.50

The Crepe and Cone Burger – £12.95

BBW (Big Beef Whopper) – £12.95

Classic Grilled chicken Burger – £8

Veggie Rosti Burger – £9

Main desserts

The Crepe and Cone Crumble – £6.50

Red Velvet Pancakes – £8.50

Deep Fried Oreos – £6.50

Strawberry Cheesecake – £5

Honey Hennessey Ice Cream – £6 for two scoops or £8 for three scoops

Krept and Konan, or as we like to call them Crepes and Cones


Banana Bonanza – £6

Oreo Madness – £6

Krepts Crumble – £6.50

Holy Crepe – £6

Chocolate Lover – £5.50

Ferrero Overload – £6.50

The Crepe Classic – £5

Lemon and Sugar – £3.95

The decor at Crepes and Cones is all inspired by the boys childhood visits into Croydon


Waffle Crumble – £6.50

Stiff Chocolate – £6.50

White chocolate – £6.50

Cinnamon – £6

Oreo Waffle – £6.50

Banoffee – £6.50

Stop Waffling – £6.50

Plain Jane – £5.50


The boys say their family is what inspires them to succeed in business

Freak of the Week – £8.99

Delroy’s Island Crush – £7.99

Don’t Waste my Lime – £7.49

Karma Sutra – £7.49

Wild Thoughts – £7.49

Long Island Iced Tea – £7.49

Sharer Cocktails

The Knockout Punch – £35

The Groupie – £99

Freak Shakes

These Croydon inspired pepper shakers are so cute

Over the Top Oreo – £9.99

Salted Caramel Crazy – £9.99

Strawberries & Cream Madness – £9.99

The restaurants’ website – – is yet to go live, but is due to in the coming days.