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Ikea offering two-for-one food deal for England v Sweden World Cup match

Ikea offering two-for-one food deal for England v Sweden World Cup match
Jul 08, 2018 Shaking Hands 0 comments
This post was first published by Croydon Advertiser on 07/07/2018.

Ikea offering two-for-one food deal for England v Sweden World Cup match

Croydon residents will be able to get free food to celebrate the fixture.

Ikea has decided to offer Croydon residents a special football foodie offer in conjunction with England’s World Cup quarter-final clash with Sweden.

The Three Lions play the Swedes in an all or nothing tie at 3pm on Saturday (July 7), and to celebrate Swedish retailer Ikea is running a promotion on its food.

The store in Valley Park, off Purley Way, is running a “plate of two halves offer”, where visitors can enjoy one of each nation’s signature dishes in a special two-for-one meal extravaganza.

Anyone that buys a plate of Ikea’s iconic Swedish meatballs will get a free plate of classic English fish and chips, to make sure fans don’t have to pick a side when it comes to their taste buds.

Perfect to enjoy ahead of, during or after the game, you can either tuck into both plates all by yourself, or mix up the two dishes and share them with friends.

The dishes will, in fact, be available in all IKEA stores in the UK on Saturday (July 7) all day from 11am, available on standard fish and chips and the 10 meatballs or veggie balls.

What’s more, the day after the game, Ikea will be offering a “Lunch of Champions”, with the winner’s meal being offered for just £1 for the full day in celebration.

Although you will need to download a code beforehand from the Ikea website, which will go live once the winner is announced.

Joakim Haby, IKEA UK & Ireland co-worker, said: “We are very proud that our two home nations are in the quarterfinals this weekend but have been finding it hard to choose between them.

Ikea is holding a winter sale with specific offers in its Croydon store

“To make sure our customers don’t have to pick a side and to celebrate the match, we’ve combined the two most iconic meals from each country into one delicious offer.

“So, whether you’re cheering on having a Jamie Vardy dinner party or a Filip Helander get together, Ikea’s plate of two halves is the perfect match meal.”