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Proposed 20mph speed limit North–East Croydon

Proposed 20mph speed limit North–East Croydon
Jul 31, 2016 Shaking Hands 0 comments

Proposed 20mph speed limit North–East Croydon



1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Croydon Council propose to make the above Order under Sections 84, 87 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984 as amended and all other enabling powers.

2. The general effect of the Order would be to prohibit any motor vehicle exceeding a speed of 20 miles per hour in the area described in Schedule 1 to this Notice, excluding the roads bounding the area (as specified) and those roads/sections of roads within the boundary listed in Schedule 2 to this Notice. Roads within the boundary of the new area to which an existing 20mph speed limit applies will continue to retain their speed limits under their respective Orders.

3. A copy of the proposed Order and of all related Orders, of the Council’s statement of reasons for proposing to make the Order and of the plans which indicate each length of road to which the Order relates, can be inspected from 9am to 4pm on Mondays to Fridays inclusive until the last day of a period of six weeks beginning with the date on which the Order is made or, as the case may be, the Council decides not to make the Order, at the Enquiry Counter, ‘Access Croydon’ Facility, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon, CR0 1EA.

4. Further information may be obtained by telephoning the Streets Division, Highways Team, Place Department, telephone number 020 8726 6000 extension 52831.

5. Persons desiring to object to the proposed Order should send a statement in writing of their objection and the grounds thereof to the Order Making Section, Parking Design Team, Place Department, Croydon Council,Floor 6 Zone C, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon CR0 1EA or by emailing quoting the referencePD/CH/A32 by 24 August 2016.

6. The Order is intended to introduce a 20mph speed limit in in the area of the London Borough of Croydon specified in the Schedule to this notice. Reducing traffic speeds provides more time for pedestrians to cross the road which should particularly benefit children, the elderly and those with mobility problems. For further details on the proposal please visit

Dated 27 July 2016

Mike Barton

Highway Improvement Manager

Place Department

SCHEDULE 1 – 20mph speed limit area

Streets within the area bounded by but not including:

Penge Road (from the borough boundary), Goat House Bridge, High Street, Selhurst Road, Northcote Road, Whitehorse Road, Wellesley Road, Park Lane (between its junctions with Wellesley Road and Barclay Road), Barclay Road, Fairfield Road, Chepstow Road, Addiscombe Road, Shirley Road (between its junctions with Addiscombe Road and Wickham Road), Wickham Road (to the borough boundary at the south-eastern corner of No. 483 Wickham Road), and the borough boundary between the south-eastern corner of No. 483 Wickham Road and Penge Road.

SCHEDULE 2 – excluded roads within the 20mph speed limit area boundary

Addiscombe Road Newgate
Addiscombe Grove Park Hill Road
Blackhorse Lane (between its junction with Woodside Green and a point 18 metres south-east of that junction) Portland Road
Cherry Orchard Road St James’s Road
Hermitage Lane (between its junction with Morland Road and a point 15 metres north-west of that junction) Shirley Road
Long Lane Spring Lane
Lower Addiscombe Road Woodside Green (B243)
Manor Road All roads/sections of road with an existing 20mph speed limit
Morland Road All private roads